Welgevonden Game Reserve

Welgevonden Game Reserve: a world-renowned leader in conservation

Welgevonden Game Reserve is a 36,000ha private game reserve in the Waterberg District of Limpopo, South Africa. Renowned for the development, testing and sharing of leading scientific methodologies, Welgevonden has been recognised by UNESCO for its role in the sustainable conservation of biodiversity.

The brief: a new identity for a sanctuary

Welgevonden needed to clearly express its purpose – giving sanctuary to our world – through a refreshed brand identity that would represents what the reserve stands for, whilst enabling it to stand out against a number of like-minded reserves and wildlife organisations.

Strategic branding design: combining purpose and legacy

A distinct, powerful logo to capture the brand’s purpose was crafted. Creating a wordmark to showcase the holistic significance of Welgevonden’s outlook. Combining the reserves daily conservation action and growing species preservation legacy with its beautiful natural offering.

The result is a logo that combines the rhino horn shape, the very reason the species is so viciously hunted, with the reserves positive sustainable growth results. In parallel, the characters in the logotype mimic the curves of both the logo and the rhino horn, whilst the brand identity’s primary colour palette reflects the landscape unique to the Waterberg.

The result: a sanctuary reborn

By communicating its stability, trust, connection and innovation, Welgevonden stands out as a sentinel safeguarding the future of the reserve as well as the flora, fauna and wildlife that exists there, giving sanctuary to our world.