An identity that speaks to who we are. In 2022, we repositioned ourselves as SHIFT, an experience design specialist within the recently formed United Growth Group*. Launching our new standalone business to market required a distinctive identity to encapsulate represent our

The Power of Leadership in Shaping Organisational Behaviour It is said that organisational culture is outside the control of executives and a company’s leadership teams, but that simply is not the case. In fact, workplace culture is and should be driven

Introduction Why is design important? Because design improves the appearance and functionality of our world. Designing is easy: everything human-made around us has been designed. Very little, however, around us has been designed well: designing well is hard. Like the air

Design Thinking ‘I’m a designer, and I think. Does this make me a design thinker?’ Is it as straightforward as ‘I think therefore I am’? The short answer is: ‘No.’ Design thinking is a human-centred approach to problem solving, putting consumer